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My name is Ami Jones and I am a nationally certified dog trainer with a Master's Degree in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior.  I also worked in vet clinics for nearly 20 years.  My education coupled with my work & dog training background allows me to approach training from multiple angles.  I come to you on your own home turf (first), and love to incorporate all family members into training to ensure consistency for your pet.  I serve the Central Ohio area and the local cities surrounding  Columbus (Dublin, Powell, Shawnee Hills, Lewis Center, south Delaware County, Westerville, Worthington, Galena, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Clintonville, Grove City, Grandview, German Village, The Short North, Gahanna & more)!


My training methodology consists of positive, upbeat and gentle teaching.  I do not use harsh shock collars or jerking prong collars to force your pet into doing something he or she is fully capable of learning in a more empathetic way.  I will never use pain, fear, or intimidation to train or teach, as those who do simply do not fully understand how animals learn.  All animals are trainable and deserve to be treated as respected members of your family!​ 

Throughout the dog training process, I will teach you  tips and tricks on how to train, so that you gain confidence and become more comfortable training your pet(s) yourself.  I'll also show you how to take each cue your dog knows to the next level (e.g. beginner to intermediate to advanced), so you aren't dependent upon hiring another trainer to teach next steps. 

Top 5 Reasons to Choose In-Home Dog or Puppy Training​


1) It's a comfortable setting for both you and your dog.

By the time you get your dog loaded into the car, drive to a new location and are ready for training, your dog is excited and wants to sniff, dig, roll, mark....anything but train!  Some dogs get nervous, but all have trouble focusing in new environments.  In-home training is more convenient and ensures your dog is learning in a safe, comfortable and familiar place.  Once he or she has the basics down, we can then start introducing more intermediate & advanced training in more distracting environments.  For those of you with other types of pets, you already know why in-home training is pretty much the only option!

2)  You can train around YOUR schedule.

How many times have you thought about training your pet but couldn't find the time?  Now you FINALLY have the option of making the training happen on your timetable, not someone else's.

3)  Training is Customized to fit your needs.

Maybe your pet already knows basic cues but you're looking for more specific help with a particular issue(s).  Your animal might have certain needs which require a specialized touch.  I will help you create a training plan focused solely on attaining the goals you create.


4)  It's fun for the whole family!

Often times training classes and even private lessons are limited to one person per pet.  This is such a disservice to you and your animal!  When the whole family is on board and receives the same guidance, training is more consistent and helps speed the learning of your pet. 

5)  You gain a support system for life!

​Because I keep a file on every family and animal I train, if ever you need more help in the future you can call on me anytime!  I will already know your pet's individual history so you won't  need to  pay someone else to start from square one.   I can help you in future years should any new undesirable behaviors crop up, and will already have bonded with your pet so we can get right to training. 

Email and Telephone Contact

How it Works

I provide relaxed, in-home, family-friendly visits serving the Central Ohio region.  The first visit usually lasts about 90 minutes to 2 hours and follow-up visits range from 45-60 minutes.  In the first visit, we'll discuss your goals and your pet's training plan which we will begin to implement that day.  Future visits are needs-based depending on your individual training goals (i.e. long v. short-term), but at least one follow-up visit is highly recommended!


Scheduling is by appointment only.  Simply call or email me to get started!


Because each pet's needs are different,  training costs will vary,  My prices are based upon your needs, NOT a pre-determined list!  Furthermore, I offer discounted rates in the form of packages so if you know you'll need multiple visits, I'll be able to help save your hard-earned money!  Just contact me if you need something different than one of the items listed below.

Basic Training: Recommended for every owner of any new adoptive dog, regardless of dog's age: Payment is due in full the first session (price varies due to how far you live from me and my drive time to/from training site(s)).  Includes 5 in-home sessions where we'll go over all the typical puppy training if applicable (e.g. jumping, nipping, chewing, house training, crate training, etc.).  We'll also teach your new family member how to  "Leave It," "Sit," "Stay," "Come," "Lie Down," "Go to Bed/Place," and the Beginnings of a nice loose leash walk/"Heel." 

Intermediate Level Training:  For those looking to up their skill levels as handlers, and those looking to train potential therapy dogs or emotional support dogs at a higher level.  Focus on increasing your dog's ability to respond to cues in more distracting environments. Payment is due in full the first session.  Includes 5 in-home or location-based sessions (e.g. park, library, hospital, city streets, etc.) where we build upon the basic training cues (listed under Basic Training section) that your dog must already know & respond to when minimal distractions are present.

Therapy Dog Training:  See above.  Will customize training plan for your therapy team (handler and dog) based upon current training level and price will vary based upon your individual need and current skill level.  If not already proficient at all Basic and Intermediate Training Cues, then we'll need to start there and work up.

Canine or Non-Canine Specific Issue to Address:  Contact me.  Price varies based upon issue, location, # of sessions, etc.



Due in full the first session.  Accepted forms include cash or check. I can also accept Paypal for a 3% surcharge. 

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